The Chapel is also home of the Two Manual organ which was built in 2007 in Holland. The Organ has 26 Stops and a 32 Ft Sub Bourdon, and is a very fine instrument for use for concerts, which are held at different times of the year. 

On September 15th 2007, the Inaugural Recital was by Ronald Frost, formally of the Halle Concert Society where he was Principal Organist from 1976 – 1996

Specification of the Organ


Pedal Sub Bourdon 32

Open Diapason 16

Bourdon 16

Octive 8

Bass Flute 8

Choral Bass 4

Mixture III

Bassoon 16


Open Diapason 8

Hohi Flute 8

Dulciana 8

Octave 4

Harmonic Flute 4

Twelfth 22/3

Fifteenth 2

Full Mixture IV

Clarinet 8

Pasaune 8


Stopped Diapason 8

Salicional 8

Voix Celeste 8

Principal 4

Chimney Flute 4

Flageolet 2

Mixture IV

Double Trumpet 16

Trumpet 8

Oboe 8

We brought our first CD out in 2007 for which copies can be bought.

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