The Great Clock

The Turret Clock is in two parts the oldest part of the clock was built in 1720 by John Shepley of Stockport who was a clock maker.                                                                                     

The clock was originally made for St Mary's church Stockport and was situated in the old tower, which was eventually demolished and rebuilt.

The clock chimes the hours on Emmanuel the Great Bell.

The Quarter Chimes are played on the Abbey Bells the oldest being cast in 1340AD.  

The Westminster Chimes were built by John Smith of Derby who are church turret clock specialists and the clock weights have to be wound up each week by hand.


The Bells

The Bells are hung for the clock to chime the hours. The Oldest Bell hung here was cast in 1340 and is perhaps the oldest bell in Derbyshire, and is still in active service! 

Some of the other bells date from 1710 onwards.

The Largest Bell, Emmanuel, was cast in Glasgow in 1890 and was the only bell to ring out during the second World War to announce enemy fire saving many lives this bell rings out every day at 12 Noon and 6pm.

The rest of the bells are tuned for full circle change ringing and were cast by the famous Whitechapel bells foundry in London, and also John Taylor's bell foundry in Loughborough.

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